Three Natural Must Haves I Can’t Live Without!

I was blessed to grow up with a mom that bought all organic, wholesome foods. I haven’t always appreciated it. I thought I was being deprived from all the amazing junk food out there.

Now that I’m older I know that I’m better off for it andIt has created a need for three things that I can’t live without. These three things are coconut oil, turmeric, and charcoal.

 Coconut oil


Coconut oil has a variety of benefits. It is a great source of healthy fat. I always choose to use this when cooking over butter.

I especially use is when cooking my eggs in the morning and baking because it gives it a great coconut flavor. The benefits for eating include digestion. It can fight off irritation or infection in the gut.

My favorite use for coconut oil has been for my skin. I have a history of very bad breakouts. It is amazing for creating moisture and nourishment. I wash my face with coconut oil every morning and night mixing it with baking soda to help exfoliate.

It is an amazing makeup remover that always makes me feel super clean. At night I put a layer on my skin to help moisturize when I sleep and help with my irritated pimples.

Coconut oil is a great anti-inflammatory. I know it may be scary to put oil on your face at first, but I promise you won’t regret it. Add a drop or two of your favorite essential oil to take it to another level.



Turmeric is a plant in the ginger family. It is a powerful anti-inflammatory and antioxidant. Turmeric can be taken orally and can be used topically.

A lot of the time I just like to sprinkle a good amount of turmeric powder in my pastas or even on my eggs. My favorite use for turmeric is in golden milk.

My mom, sisters and I drink this religiously before we go to bed. Golden milk is a mixture of turmeric, ginger, almond milk, and peppercorns. It’s great right before bed because of the anti inflammatory properties and the digestive help from the ginger.

I also use turmeric on my skin. I sometimes use it in a face mask, but mainly I use turmeric face cream. I put it on morning and night. It helps with my scarring from my previous acne and helps bring down inflammation of acne that is presently on my skin.




 Charcoal is my lifesaver. It can come in a pill form and is taken orally. Charcoal absorbs toxins. I use charcoal for different reasons. I have a gluten allergy and sometimes I take it when I may have accidentally eaten gluten.

It helps to relieve the symptoms and to trap and absorb what I ingested. Charcoal is also effective for food poisoning. Take it right away at the onset of symptoms.

My favorite use of charcoal is that it saves me from hangovers because it helps to detoxify the liver!

I also get charcoal in a powder form. I use it to whiten my teeth and for my acne. To whiten my teeth I dip my wet toothbrush into the powdered charcoal and brush for two minutes.I do this a couple times a week and it works wonders.

Lastly I use it as a spot treatment for my acne. I mix the powdered charcoal with coconut oil and put it on the pimple. I sometimes keep it overnight or even just 30 minutes. It helps to bring the white head completely to the surface.

These are my 3 must haves. I always have them with me when I travel. They serve multiple purposes, they are inexpensive, natural and they work!


Until next time…TG





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