Division I Volleyball Player to the Real World

I have been struggling lately to accept the fact that I am a retired competitive athlete. I have been playing Volleyball competitively for 12 years.

That is more than half of my life. I have devoted so much time and effort to becoming a better volleyball player and reaching the next level.

I reached my highest goal of making it as a division I volleyball player at the University of Central Florida.

There are opportunities to play professionally overseas, but I have finally decided that this isn’t the next step in my life.

I am ready to give myself a new identity. I have always just been a volleyball player but there is so much more about me. I just haven’t had time to discover it.

I have been taking time to find ways to express myself. I have mainly been doing that through fashion and social media.

My goal is to work in the fashion industry in social media. I love the doors that social media has opened for expressing yourself and learning about others.

I love showing who I am and what I love through my pictures on Instagram. Likes and comments always help to give me confidence in my style and in what I’m doing.

I have also started to get comfortable with blogging. I like being able to talk about myself and to write the things that I like and love to others.

I only have a handful of followers and have not gotten much feedback yet, but I’m excited for when I get more people visit and tell me their thoughts.

Thanks for reading 🙂

Until next time..TG


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