Sweet Potato Toast

I wanted to share my new favorite breakfast meal! I always am on Pinterest getting new ideas for meals and this is where I came across sweet potato toast.

My go to every morning is avocado toast. I have been trying to find a replacement for the bread, because I was trying to cut back.

I  am a lover of sweet potatoes and that’s why this find on pinterest got me excited and I had to try it right away!

Sweet Potatoes are high in vitamin B6,Vitamin C (good in helping ward off the cold and flu), and Vitamin D (helps build healthy bones).

Sweet potato toast recipe…..

Thing’s you will need:

sweet potato, avocado, two eggs, and coconut oil (personal preference to cook my eggs with)


  1. Cut your sweet potato into two thin halfs.
  2. Put the two slices in the toaster and cook them until soft.
  3. Once your sweet potato is cooked then put your avocado on each slice. I usually use a half of the avocado for both pieces.
  4. Then cook your eggs and place them on top. I like to cook my eggs over medium because I like the drippings from the yolk.


until next time…TG


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